Helsinki, Finland

Some Beauty. Some elegance.

Some Beauty. Some elegance.

Some Beauty. Some elegance. Some Beauty. Some elegance.


Here is something that is said about me, but I truly recommend you to have your own, unique experience with me.

"She is defenately a top class girl with her own pictures, and her attitude is the best you can expect."

"I don't know what happened when we confronted, but it was so natural. I fonded of to her positive attitude and something more than sex made me feel happy during our short meeting and after that. It might have been that our minds just connected. She is defenately beautiful, but she is actually also really smart even she is blonde ;) And it's also a plus that she doesn't do this that often. It gives some authencity into a meeting. Anyway she made indelible effect on me and she's totally worth regular visits."

"I met this wonderfull, beautiful and sympathetic young lady and I must say her great will to serv and excellent sex made my day. A big plus is that she is truly present and has a good conversation skills, because I also like to talk along with having sex. I also taught that we connected and laughed together to our conversations. She is really gorgeous and tall so I was really pleased to meet her. I can absolutely recommend her and I will defenately meet her again when I come to Helsinki."

"For once happened, that girl looks better than her pictures and everything in her actions is top quality."

"I met this wonderfull, gorgeous blond, who managed to ease the tension from my body, made me relax and finally climax. There is no rush and it's true girlfriend experience with touching and deep french kisses. There was some pleasant conversation after lovemaking. Absolutely beautiful, gorgeous and wonderfull woman!"

"You can see from the good service, that she does this occasionally. There's no rush. It's nice when girl is smart, sane and has a good sense of humour."

"Plusses: tits, face, the way she kisses, ass, humour."

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