Helsinki, Finland

Some Beauty. Some elegance.

Some Beauty. Some elegance.

Some Beauty. Some elegance.Some Beauty. Some elegance.Some Beauty. Some elegance.

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Origin: Finland

Age: 30

Height: 178cm

Weight: 75kg

Bust size: C

Services:  sex, gfe, company

I'm native finnish woman offering escort services. I have blond hair and beautiful face, I'm tall and attractive woman. I am genuine and nice person with good social skills and that makes me perfect company. I like to dress up with classic, feminine style and I'm always neat from top to bottom. As company, I'm easy-going and well-mannered. Sexuality is big part of my life and I'm willing to share some of that with you.

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Discreet and independent


Availability - you may also request another day for outcall

22. January

Incall/outcall 3.30 p.m ->

25. January

Incall/outcall 10.30 a.m ->

30. January

Incall/outcall 3.30 p.m ->


Not available 

4. February

Incall/outcall 3.30 p.m ->

6. February

Incall/outcall 5.30 p.m ->

Contact +358418097218 (call/SMS/whatsapp)

Dear customer! The most effective way to reach me is sending me a whatsapp message or sms message. I have a different dayjob, so I'm not available all the time. It's also not possible for me to answer to phonecalls all day long.

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Helsinki, Finland

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